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Friday, July 9, 2010

Writing A Novel or Screenplay Step by Step

Let's not kid ourselves. It's not really possible to write a novel (or screenplay) step by step because that's not how the creative mind works. Rather, we come to a story with a whole bag of bits and pieces of ideas, some complete, some half-baked.

What's more, the ideas we do have are from all across the board: a snippit of dialog, a setting, a bit of action, a type of personality for a character (even though we don't yet have any idea if it's a protagonist or antagonist or even if it is the Main Character).

You see, inspiration - the desire to write a story and an idea of what it will be about - comes from the subjects that interest us. But stories themselves come from the structure that holds them together. And that is the age-old author's dilemma: "How do I turn my interests and motivations into a finished novel that makes sense?"

When embarking on a new writing project, it often seems as if the whole process is summed up in that old saying, "You can't get there from here." And for many writers, once the novel is written, they can't really see how they did it, or more aptly, "You can't get here from there."

Yet, there is hope. There is an approach you can take that works with your Muse, rather than against her. And, it is a real step-by-step method that will actually take you from concept to completion of your novel or script. (Read More....)