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Thursday, January 21, 2010

StoryWeaver vs. Dramatica Writer's DreamKit

An author asks:

Dear Melanie, I began my stories with several characters, which I develop as the story moves forward. Using the Dream Kit I'm at a loss about a substantial development of each of your characters, and therefore return to the character description and develop each as the story moves along. Do you have any advise at beginning with a fully developed cast. Thank you, Roger.

My reply:

Hi, Roger.

The problem you are having is exactly the reason why I created StoryWeaver after co-creating Dramatica. StoryWeaver is a story development tool whereas Dramatica is a story structuring tool. In StoryWeaver you develop people before they become characters, events before they become plot. Many authors use StoryWeaver first to work out their story's world, who's in it, and what happens to them, THEN use Dramatica to ensure there are no structural holes or inconsitencies.